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High Speed 5 Line Bottom Sealing Bag on Roll Making Machine with Hot Slitting Unit & Photo Cell
High Speed 5 Line Bottom Sealing Bag on Roll Making Machine with Hot Slitting Unit & Photo Cell
Model: HM-1250MS + BP5
5-Lines Bottom Sealing Bag by Hot-Slitting

5-Lines Bottom Sealing Bag by Hot-Slitting

This multi-line bag making machine is especially designed for mass production of bottom sealed bags on a roll. Bottom sealed bags are normal mally used as vegetable and fruit bags.
Function: Jumbo film is side sealed or bottom sealed then perforated. The perforated film goes through the multi-line hot slitting system to be slit and hot sealed into bags. Perforated bags are wound automatically. The most distinguishing feature is the non-stop bottom sealing device. Bottom sealing is performed using the principal of vibration so sealing and perforating are carried out simultaneously.
Therefore simultaneous perforating and sealing allow the machine to run without stopping.
Benefits: The automatic winding system allows for mass production while greatly reducing labor requirements. Very easy to operate the machine with an exceptional servo drive system.This machine is a great choice for high speed mass production of printed and non-printed bags.
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Product Inquiry
Product Inquiry
Hot Slitting Unit
This machine has four hot slitting units. It can slit film from one jumbo roll into 5, 4, or 3 lines, depending on bag specifications.

Two Line Motorized Frame for the Production of Star Sealed Bottom Bags with EPC.
Turn Over Type Sealing Knife
The special design of the turn over type sealing knife is very easy to maintain.

Sealing unit control is entirely synchronized by 4 servo motors to achieve high speed production.

Comes with a single photo cell for printed bag production.
Auto Changing Rewinding Equipment
This function is designed for fully automatic rewinding, up to 5 rolls per minute. The paper core must be put onto the air shaft manually.

When the preset bag number is reached, rolls will change automatically. Maximum diameter is 300mm; diameter of the paper core to be specified by order.
Hydraulic Unwinder
Hydraulic rack automatically lifts the jumbo roll.
Equipped with heavy duty air shaft.
Automatic tension control drives film by AC motor.
Unwinding speed is automatically controlled to follow machine speed.
Model HM-1250MS+BP5
Film Width (unwind) (mm) 1200
Film Diameter(mm) 800
Bag Size Width(mm) 100~1200
Length(mm) 250~2000
Production Speed (pcs/min ) 200 ×5 =1000
Line Speed (m/min) 120
Thickness of Film (Total) (mm) 0.01~0.08
Speed for Changing the Roll / Max. 4
Roll Size (mm) Width 100~1200
Diameter (max.) 300
Power Required (kw) 17
Machine Dimension L(M) 7.2
W(M) 2.8
H(M) 2.1
Machine Weight (kg) 3000
Air compressor (not included) (hp) 5